There are so many perennials to compliment your collection of favorite plants. Knowing the placement of each is essential to a happy garden. The majority of peonies shown are well over 100 years old.

Far from the plants you have seen in your grandmother's garden, daylilies have many forms and nearly all colors.
Easily hybridized or divided, they are great for every gardener. The daylily Spider Bed.

Dufield Pond at sunrise

Many colors are available to brighten your shaded areas. White, yellow, blue green and the near blacks are fascinating. This shows Dicentra 'Gold Heart', Hosta and Heuchera growing along the walk to our kitchen.

We can easily forget to plan for the 'bones' of a garden, yet these are the most important. They give your property the structure from which to begin your design. Plant native trees and shrubs for ease of maintenance and shelter for wildlife.

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Distinctive perennials for the Discriminating Gardener