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Don Albers                              Suzanne Eck and Quinn

     Suzanne's 1.25 acre property is located in McHenry County IL just outside the town of Woodstock,  and has been organic for the 25 years it has been under her stewardship. It borders fifty five acres of conservation land, with Dufield pond at the back gate.
   While her niche' is daylily and hosta, you will find all manner of perennials in her garden beds. 
      Hybridizing daylilies is a major part of Suzanne's ever changing gardens. Pat Cochenour mentored her small spider and small uf form programs; Pat is deeply missed.
    Suzanne is deeply grateful to Linda Michaels of Daredevil Daylilies. For over ten years Linda has mentored her large uf and spider program. Linda has broken new ground by being one of the unique few to create patterned, true spiders.

Dufield Pond at sunrise.

Pondside Gardens Introduction

     The Don Albers' garden in Horry County, SC, holds daylilies of over 150 hybridizers, spanning nine decades, and is displayed in interestingly angled beds.
     Don's introductions, old and new, are also there, with favorites and seedlings as well.
     Don also specializes in perennial hybrid iris and other perennials.  
     His garden will be one of the tour gardens for the 2018 National Daylily Convention in Myrtle Beach, SC in June, with his 'Inky Clouds Over Burgess' as a gift plant. Don also spends time in Chicagoland, his daylilies reflecting the cold hardiness of northern breeding. Don's garden in SC is below.
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