The shaded gardens as viewed first from the end of the daylily main bed looking to the pond, second from the pond looking back to the house.

Pondside Gardens main daylily bed: first view from the deck, second from behind in the shaded gardens.

 Suzanne's horseshoe drive in July

Suzanne's Saucer Magnolia welcomes visitors to the gardens in spring

The Cottage Garden along the east side of the horseshoe drive in September

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Pondside Gardens Landscapes

The Everlastings Garden along west side of the horseshoe drive in June.
The peonies originated from Suzanne's parents' property  that held a huge Victorian built in the late 1800's. They are well over 100 years old. Many of the perennials grown here are easily dried, ergo the name.

Dufield Pond at Sunrise